Services Logbook Servicing

Logbook Services are also known elsewhere as the Manufacturer’s or Handbook Service, which is usually considered to be pricey. For this reason, we want to help our customers receive their logbook stamps at competitive pricing.

A Logbook Service is a comprehensive service that ensures your vehicle is operating safely and economically, just as the manufacturer intended. This type of service includes all parts, oils and scheduled service items.

Having a Mark Brackstone Motors safety check is more than just a check from a reputable auto services company, it includes the stamp for the logbook for which Mark Brackstone Motors is entitled to issue. Having this stamp of approval will also help with the possible resale of your vehicle, since most people today want to see the logbook of services before they consider purchasing a car.

Mark Brackstone Motors has the expertise to maintain your vehicle and we only have suitably-qualified technicians working on your vehicle to ensure that your warranty will not be affected.

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